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The Hypothetical Black Man ~ “Tell Em’ Why You Mad!”

***The time was December; the place was a certain Black man’s workplace;

the setting was his co-workers office. His stance was his back against the wall, no pun intended, though the pun is scarily accurate. The cast was a single black male, a white male and white female and the discussion was the post Eric Garner verdict rally that students in the area were conducting. Of all the important things to talk about the focus of their discussion was that the protesting students seemed angry and didn’t have to use profanity. Within the conversation the white male had no comments whatsoever about the recent police brutality and failures of the judicial system, just recent traffic blocked on highways. The white female sympathized with a white police officer she knew in New York who was being given a hard time due to police animosity. The black man leaned with his back against the wall equally amazed and disgusted by the level of comfort and delusion others can afford. He wondered; did they even realize their co-workers endangered state of existence? Did they even realize the teenagers and innocent people in graves due to police criminality? or was that F’ bomb that the student dropped too traumatizing an explosion to focus on lives lost?

The black male, though noticeably on fire on the inside, responded to the situation like any exceptional Negro would. He composed himself, reasoned softly on the significance of the protests, the reality of our post racial country and the danger it presents to members of the “alleged” less dominant culture (Okay, well maybe he rolled his eyes a couple times and peered into the back of his co-workers souls but at least his voice wasn’t aggressive). To no satisfactory response or empathy the black male retired back to his desk following the conversation and continued with work as best he could despite constant interruptions of post traumatic discussion disorder. To conclude this never-ending story, the next time the black male spoke to the white male; the white male mentioned to him “You seemed angry the other day”…THE END*** Hello everyone! My name is Crea8iv and the above story is both my way of saying hello and is a glimpse of what you can expect in my blog. I am honored to be a contributor to Boston Naturals and look forward to sharing and receiving from this new and beautiful community. Every so often I will be sharing stories from the diary of a hypothetical black man. This hypothetical black man is definitely not me because then if people suspected that they were anonymous characters in my blog they would hate me. This black man is definitely not real because black men do not exist, race is a social construct and we do not see color in this great country. This black man is definitely not mad because there is no reason to be. This hypothetical black man does not care what you think about him keeping a diary, because your judgment will only hurt him hypothetically.

With that said he hypothetically hopes you enjoy, his reflections on this fictional idea of being alive and black at the same time. One last fact about this hypothetical black man; he is what you call an emcee. Emcees do not exist in real life but an emcee is a practice of a make believe art form called hip-hop. If hip-hop was real it would be described as poetry that is recited rhythmically over music. As a bonus glimpse into the fictional world of black existence. Each diary entry will conclude with some “Rhyme & Reason” So our readers can laugh at the notion of this silly art form and the audacity of it making any logical sense. Below is an 8 bar sample of the “Rhyme” and the “Reason”

#### walk past a world with lions living as black sheep; Wolves posing as shepherds to get a fast feast; Blue uniforms tailored to hide white sheets; And crimes labeled as justice needed to have peace; Close your front door, block out the police scenes take off your shades and your rose colored Gucci screens Lay in your bed and take everything that you’ve seen and convince yourself all of it was a dream…. ####

Thank you for reading my first entry, I hope you will stop by often and read more of my work and the other great blogs on Boston Naturals.

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