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Updated: Jul 26, 2021

The first of some oldies but goodies from the archives of: Diary of an Angry Black Man

To me there is no better way to start this article except by saying:


To be exact dark skin women meet and exceed my highest definition of beauty. To each their own preference for what they are attracted to; but for me there is no question;


This article is dedicated to Dark Skin Women and all the young dark skin girls of the world. I

would like to say this article is solely a romantic expression inspired by my burning love for dark skin but that is not my only inspiration for writing this. This article is inspired in part by a dire need to construct more inclusive standards of beauty for the love of dark skin girls and women. This article was written to address a culture that attacks the esteem of dark women. This article was written to be a positive affirmation for richly “complected” women. This article is written to inspire greater appreciation of a beautiful grade of women whom a good portion of the world has forgotten to love. Below is a list of organically structured brainstormed) points and affirmations that I have written in dedication and honor to all of my black roses out there.



Herein lies the balancing act; in the mind of the hypothetical Black Father looms the question: How might your open expressions about your dark skin preference and discussions about melanin affect the esteem of your light brown skinned princess? I tell her the same thing I tell myself; I am a milk chocolate brown and I am very happy with my complexion. By no means when I say statements like “the blacker the berry…..” do I belittle my own color or anyone else’s, even if I do think “the blacker = the richer” (define “richer” I dare you”). When I celebrate Blackness I am paying homage to the base color of humanity, the color I see at the origins of all men and women. When I celebrate black; I am paying homage and giving thanks to that which WE ALL came from. I tell my daughter she is the most beautiful thing on earth and she is the most special brown that exists. And if I had another child I would say they are the two most special browns that exist, and if I had three children of varying complexions I would tell them that they are the three most special three browns that exist. And I would tell them that I do not care how light God makes your three brown’s, there is no brown possible without *perfect black. There is no caramel possible without perfect black. There is no vanilla possible without perfect black.

I tell my daughter to observe light-skin privilege and to monitor how her dark skin sisters are treated. One step further I teach her to identify with, empathize with, and align with the needs of her dark-skin sisters. I let her know strongly to never, ever, ever forget to support her dark-skin sisters, and to never let this world favor you away from their side. I tell her to never let society create color-lines and divides in that sisterhood and that any table where your dark-skin sister is not accepted is not acceptable. Any place where your dark-skin sister is not wel-come should not be well-to-go and any society where your dark sisters are deemed less worthy is a society that is worth less. I teach her anyone who cannot appreciate dark-skin sisters; cannot fully appreciate her brown skin and I let her know that no matter how light she is; she is perfectly black.


Yo mama so black, when she comes outside, I get free nights and weekends.”

Jokes aside I don’t care who you are; or from what hut in Africa you descended; or from what cave in Europe were derived (stereotypical slurs equally dispersed). Your ancestry is as black as three and a half nights. PERIOD! I don’t care if your name is Okiwa Nkwayzu from Congo or Harrington Beckham from the Swiss Alps; your ancestry began at pitch black. If you’re truly racism free; that is easy to accept. I always say: “There is no such thing as racism; only self-hate”. I don’t care who you are, you can’t hate Black without hating yourself, because I don’t care who you are; if you trace your lineage far enough you are going to find yourself in the heart of Africa surrounded by a bunch of folk as black as Osirus from the hieroglyphs (Yeah look him up, the picture and the history). So again, yes; “Yo Mama So Black Too”.

In fact: “yo mama so black she got a PHD in Hide-N-Seek” and that should be cool with you because; BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL! PERIOD!

3. IF I WAS A “_______” I WOULD………

  • If I was a “RAP STAR” I would make dark skinned models the majority features in my videos.

  • If I was a PRESIDENT, PROFESSIONAL ATHLETE or A STAR; I would marry a dark skin woman like Barack, Denzel, Dwayne Wade & Lebron James did. #MyFirstladyIsBlack #SlamDunk #ItsAWrap

  • If I was a “CHILDREN’S SHOW DIRECTOR” I would make a cartoon with predominately dark skinned characters and I would practice ethnic responsibility and be inclusive of other nationalities but would portray the other nationalities as equally *authoritative, *intelligent, *dignified, civil and respectable. Not as the buffoons or cultural comic relief.

  • If I was a “LIGHT-SKIN’DED GIRL” I would shun light skin privilege at every interval and use my “acceptance and privy” to promote the beauty of #TeamDarkSkin. I would raise my kids with an inclusive concept of beauty and teach them to love dark skin as much as their own complexion (if not their own).

  • If I was a “MOVIE DIRECTOR” I would recognize ONE OF THEE MOST DESTRUCTIVE METAPHORS THAT DAMAGES YOUNG DARK BOYS AND GIRLS SUBCONSCIOUS IMAGE OF THEMSELVES; AND I WOULD BOYCOTT THE NOTORIOUS AND DESTRUCTIVE USAGE OF THE WORDS LIGHT AS A METAPHOR FOR GOOD AND DARK OR BLACK AS A METAPHOR FOR BAD. This is one of the most unnoticed yet frequently used and harmful word cultures that impacts the self-image of dark children at the most elementary and vulnerable stages of life.